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Lifestyle's Mission 

You’re probably wondering how did this all start? Lifestyle Barber Academy was founded by Fernando Cardenas who is also the founder of Lifestyle Barbershop and Co-Founder of Lifestyle SMP. We are a private owned company that opened its doors to its first barber location in 2016 Easton, PA.

Our goal has always been to push a professional but yet still friendly fun atmosphere. With 3 locations and still growing. We want to pass the torch to the next generation of barbers who are looking to begin a career and change their life while still enjoying their life and not breaking the bank.

This is a career where you can literally take it with you anywhere! Hop on a plane tomorrow and fly to Sweden to begin a new life as a barber. Pretty cool right? Express yourself with tattoos, clothes, cool hairstyles and make as much or even more compared to an average college student. 

"It’s more than a haircut, It’s a Lifestyle."

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