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Barbers in Training!

*All services are done by students under the supervision of a licensed instructor.*

Stop in and have one of our students provide you a professional service at half the average local barbershop price 

The fun part! This is where you will sharpen your skills and practice on clients from client consultation, haircuts, shaves and more!

Services: Our Programs

Haircut - $10

From a regular buzz cut to a skin fade.
Great expierecnce for everyone involved!

Beard - $5

Whether you need your beard trimmed or just clean up your mustache. Let us take care of your facial hair needs.

Straight Razor Shave - $8

Are you looking for a smooth shave with a hot towel? We use premium products to assure you receive a feel good experience.

Facial - $10

A favorite by many! Gentlemen there is nothing wrong with self care. Our skin goes through daily issues. Sit back relax and treat yourself.

Hair Wash - $3

Lay back at our washbowl stations and receive a relaxing scalp cleanse with our premium shampoo and conditioners.

Hot Towel - $2

Want to add a hot towel to any service? Coming right up!

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